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Always be a Gentleman:

Sometimes we get so excited we forget to mind our manners, but please see that you don’t!​ 

Please be kind, Respectful, and remain a gentleman at all times. Good manners and hygiene are a must. Be sure​

A gentleman should act like a gentleman as I will always remain composed and lady-like. I pride myself on demonstrating a high degree of discretion when meeting new or established clientele - please do the same. to arrive on time so that we can cherish every second together - every minute you are late cuts into your time with me

I do not tolerate excessive drinking or any drug use. Rudeness, roughness, biting, scratching, or anything that may leave a bruise/blemish/mark on my skin is never tolerated.

 I will never embarrass you or cause a spectacle during our time together, so I expect the same from you. 

I do not tolerate bad manners. Should you make me feel uncomfortable at any moment our time will end immediately.

Online communication should be tasteful and discreet; messes that are vulgar or use ‘select’ acrynoms will be discarded without warning.

Are you   really the girl in the   pictures ?

Yes, and Yes I am the girl in the pictures. Clients say that I even look better in person.

When we meet and if I am not the girl in the photos then please send me away.

I guarantee you that I am the girl in the photos! and respect on this matter -

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness: 

Please Be kind/Respectful & Always A Gentleman. 

Your Kindness, Generosity, & Chivalry Will Be Appreciated & Rewarded.

Hygiene is of the utmost importance. It goes a long way in making a great first impression while demonstrating your respect for my comfort. Good hygiene also ensures we will meet again.

Good manners and hygiene are a must. Be sure to arrive on time so that we can cherish every second together - every minute you are late cuts into your time with me. To Fully Enjoy A Meeting, You Must Be Freshly Showered, Well Groomed, Smell Nice, & Have Minty-Fresh Breath.There is nothing quite as appealing as a freshly showered man with minty breath

I will always be freshly showered and groomed for our time together; be prepared to freshen up upon arrival.


ALL new clientele must screen, no exceptions. Information is for verification ONLY; your personal information will never be contacted without explicit permission from you.

This is not only for my safety and also give me a comfort so I could really be myself when I’m spending time with you.


If I do not know who you are ahead of time,


Sometimes i can ask you your ID copy.Your information is seen by my eyes only,and will never be kept nor shared for any reason. In respect to your privacy, any information conveyed remains strictly confidential and will be deleted after the screening process is done.

 If you are uncomfortable screening, I am uncomfortable seeing you.
  - Thank you for your understanding and respect on this matter -



My rates are non-negotiable, and any attempt to discuss my rates or illegal services will end our communication/meeting immediately. ​

Please  =  ( TEXT ONLY - 646 - 530- 3144 )


- your name and your race/age.

- last time 2 reference.

- what time you want Reservation ?

     if you tell me exactly time i will appreciate.

Need to  cancel  our meeting?  No worries — life happens!

Please let me know ASAP if you need to cancel. 


I will always go to great lengths to arrive on time. I kindly ask that you do the same. Our time together starts from the moment we meet. 

Donations are for my time and companionship only. Any attempt to haggle over your donation amount will result in the termination of our contact. Any attempt to discuss my donation or illegal activity upon my arrival will prompt me to leave.

Let's take care of it right away, so that we can get right to the good stuff! Please, don't put me in the uncomfortable position of having to interrupt our conversation to ask. Your donation should always be given within the first five minutes of our date.

 If we're meeting in a public place, please place your donation in a card, gift bag, or book for me to enjoy later.


Privacy and discretion are my highest priorities. For that reason, I appreciate you not taking photos/videos/recordings of me without my consent during our date. My photos online are blurred for my privacy and safety as well as your discretion when we spend time together in public. Any requests for additional photos will be denied. This also goes for the way I treat your personal information.

 I will never share your personal details or speak about our time together with anyone else. You can be sure that everything you tell me is in confidence. I ask for the same level of discretion in return. 

I will always make the safe assumption that you would prefer I not approach or acknowledge you.


I kindly ask for the same.

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